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Transform your organization by deploying AODocs across all your departments and discovering new business use cases.

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With more than ten years of international change management experience, Appstrainer brings you the best in AODocs user training with the largest global network of certified AODocs trainers.

Our training approach for AODocs

We train based on your needs and objectives for the following:

Business Objectives

Create a network of business ambassadors

Generate innovation and rethink business processes

Delivery Methods

Onsite & webinars
Hands on exercises
Team coaching sessions
Use case discovery workshops
Onboarding workshops
Transformation Labs

Working population


Coaching on specific business needs

Quality procedures
Legal contracts review
Invoice approvals workflow
Human resources management
Automated R&D workflows
File organization for marketing campaigns

AODocs Discovery Workshops

This week of dynamic, hands-on workshops is designed to help us create the AODocs implementation roadmap that best responds to your business needs.

During this immersive phase, our trainers work closely with your various Business Units and department managers in order to establish department-specific use cases. Our interactive Innovations Labs will help you generate new, out of the box ideas in order to optimize your AODocs use and end user adoption.

Quality process ensured

We thoroughly assess our trainers using proprietary processes and tools.

We directly manage the registration process for your employees.

Following each training session, attendees are sent a quality survey.

Results are always available to the customer in real-time online.

Our rigorous assessment and 360° evaluations ensure quality trainings that meets your business objectives.

Ready to boost your adoption of AODocs?

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